Sunday, June 17, 2012

this is me

this is me

What do you love about being a woman?

playing dolls, having my hair curled, wearing dresses, singing, playing with my friends, being smart, learning the piano, babysitting, Merry Miss, being a special daughter, being the baby sister, being a girl cousin, going to young women's, learning to be a leader, working at a fabric store, Personal Progress, the scriptures, going to Relief Society, visiting teaching, dating, kissing, hugs, taking care of my home, making a house into a home, being the wife, being the mom, examples from other women that are strong and courageous, clothes, fingernail polish, wedding ring, flowers in my hair, the plan of salvation, the gospel

from the beginning of my life, before the beginning of my life, my identity is female.  it will always be so.  it is who i am.  i am blessed to be and to know that i am a woman, a daughter of God.