Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a favorite blog of mine

Wendy sent me a link to this blog several months ago ... and I have loved it and stalked it loyally since then.  I love the ideas and the color this blogger uses to do her projects, organize her home AMAZINGLY, and still make it a livable, comfortable place for her family.

Although, I don't have near her talent or resources, I've tried a little project here or there to organize in a cute way.  Because why organize if it's not cute, right?

I made rings for each day of the week and also for the clothes that are up and coming .... you know ... the 4T's and 10's.  Generally, I'm not here in the  morning when my kids get up and ready for the day but I'd still like to see that they have something presentable to wear.  Or something to wear at all.

I put 3M hooks inside their closet doors to hold tomorrow's clothes and another hook on the other door for a sock corral.  Are we the only family losing socks more often then the kids wear them?  That way, when the kids take them off, rather than put them in the hamper, they'll put them in their own laundry bag that zips up and can be tossed in the wash.  No more missing socks .... we hope.

That's that.  A small, weekday project.

p.s.  I have discovered and am in LOVE with Picasa 3!