Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pin It Tuesday

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Pin It Tuesday!

Today is the debut of my newest series ... mostly for the sake of remembering which Pins I've really tested, and my review of the featured Pin.

Noah got a splinter over the weekend on, I'm guessing, a wooden deck.  It was not discovered until tonight when I saw the thing blatently staring at me from his left heel.  I've always and will always have a terrible fear of the pain splinters are, even more so when they are removed.  Seeing Noah's splinter tonight made me feel like I might change my children's lives by using innovative techniques that are basically pain-free when removing splinters.

I got busy reading an entire chapter book to the kids and forgot about the aforementioned pain in my boy's heel.  Really, it wasn't a pain because he didn't even know it was there.  After he was sound asleep, drooling a small lake onto his pillow, I snuck into his room to save the day the pain-free way ... Pinterest style.

First, I tried this:
Painlessly remove a stubborn splinter

This may be a great idea.  I tried good, old-fashioned rubber cement.  Maybe I needed to use a load more, because covering the slivers newly claimed home did not do the trick.  I think it shined his skin, and the splinter nicely.

 Next, I read about this idea that I pinned because it sounded like it would come in handy.
How to Remove a Splinter

It didn't come in handy.  It takes at least 24 hours to remove the splinter.  You use water and 1/4 tsp. of baking soda to cover the area and then cover with a band-aid.  After 24 hours you can remove the band-aid and rinse the skin to see if the splinter is sticking out.  If it's not, you're supposed to try again.  Does the average person have 24+ hours to spend waiting to see if the sliver, in their actual person, WANTS to come out?  I didn't think so.  This Pin sounds like a great trick if we owned a time-machine.  No go.

You wanna know how this splinter is getting out of my toddler's foot?  The time-tested and proven method of tweezers and possibly a needle.  And, without Mom.  I bow out and will now turn the "save the day the painful way" to my courageous husband.

And, to theses two poor, poor Pins .... they will be deleted from the "Good to Know" board.  I have strict standards for my Pins ... you're good, or you're gone!