Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Lisa M. Judkins!

I'll try to stay below the legal limit but there will be some sap included in this post.

Six years ago, I lived in an off-campus student apartment. Before moving in, I planned with a sister of my sister's friend, that we would live together at Utah State. That's right. My sister's friend's sister. Shari and I lived with one invisible girl and one crazy girl named Sunni. Sunni had a broken leg because she ran herself over with her jeep. There were a bunch of crazies living upstairs with whom Sunni socialized. Little did we know, an un-crazy lived up there too.

One night, the un-crazy one knocked on our door. Sunni had slipped a note under the aforementioned girl's bedroom door asking her to switch apartments. The said girl jumped at the chance. The next day she moved into Oakridge Apartment 6A! In my memory, Shari, Lisa, and I had a pretty fun time living together. Our adventures were so great, a book was published in our honor....Your Pants: A Memoir.

There have been times in my life where I land somewhere I never expected to, not knowing what to expect once I get there. This was one of these times. Fortunately for me, Lisa has been/is one of the best friends of my lifetime. Living in Logan and going to Utah State lands very close to the top of my favorite memories. I'm not good with beautiful sentiments and sappy words but we all know I appreciate lists. Allow me to list some of Lisa's qualities that put her at the top of my all-time favorite people:

  1. Wit
  2. Fashion
  3. Memory
  4. Stories from her life
  5. A picture of a cat attacking her brother
  6. The drives we went on in Logan and Layton
  7. Loyalty, supportiveness, and encouragement
  8. Honesty
  9. Teaching me to cry at random times
  10. Letting me cry my eyes out in front of her
  11. Advice
  12. Neil Diamond and the 4th of July
  13. Trips to Bear Lake, California, and with the singles' wards
  14. Sunday naps
  15. The different laughs
  16. Her great-grandmother's jokes
  17. Laughing really hard ALL night long
  18. Toast and Diet Coke breakfast
  19. Harry Potter and other theater outings
  20. The birthday party/Levi's butt
  21. Her housing proximity to my housing
  22. Her nuptials that landed her on my family tree
  23. Pretty much I like everything about Lisa
There you have it, Lisa. The kindest sentiments I could muster. I'm glad we're friends.









guest said...

Thanks Joey!