Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 Lists of 10 Items for the Last 10 Days of 2010

10 Don't Need to Know Joey Facts
  1. I laugh at fart jokes
  2. I have a standing lunch appointment every Monday at Paradise Bakery
  3. I was stung on both of my legs by a jelly fish in the Pacific Ocean
  4. I almost missed my last college final due to the distracting drills of the ROTC on the QUAD.
  5. In New Jersey, my 3 favorite people were all named Frank
  6. Once I got pulled over on my way home from traffic court
  7. While I am OCD organized at work, my bathroom counter and bedroom chair are rarely clutter free
  8. I could play Skip-bo until my fingers bleed
  9. Periodically, I have irrational ideas that I may or may not act upon
  10. I have entertained the thought of having either a housekeeper or a large fat cat hanging around my house.


Morgan Greaves said...

Ummm...can I join you one Monday????

Morgan Greaves said...

Oh and the rest of these are very entertaining and interesting :)