Friday, December 24, 2010

10 Lists of 10 Items for the Last 10 Days of 2010

10 Groups of People I'd Like to See "Elfed" Together
  1. Anne and the Power Rangers
  2. Wendy, Tina Fey, and Alec Baldwin
  3. Me, Mr. Darcy, and Gerard Butler
  4. Dad, Homer, and the inconceivable man
  5. Mom, Aunt Valerie, and Aunt Becky
  6. Cody, and the football coaches at the U and BYU
  7. Jeremy and 2 midgets, who may or may not know each other
  8. Jimmy, a trout, and a lobster
  9. Bob Bennett, Mike Lee, and Tim Bridgewater
  10. Nacho Libre, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Brian Regan