Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Spirit Carries On

The Christmas Spirit Carries On

The brilliant star and tolling bell,
A Christmas tree, the first noel,
A winter's night, the soft deep snow,
Christmas carols, a fire's glow.

Of Him we think, the newborn Son,
God's priceless gift to everyone;
A manger bed, a lowly stall,
Where Jesus lay, the Lord of all.

The Holy Prince, the mother fair,
And Joseph knelt as though in prayer;
The shepherds shy, the wise men knew
The miracles God's Son would do.

On this holy Christmas night,
The angels sweet and fair and bright,
Would sing hosannas to this child
Of royal birth, yet meek and mild.

Millenniums have come and gone,
But the Christmas spirit carries on,
And will as long as time shall be
Our Savior for eternity.

{Vaughn J Featherstone}

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