Monday, December 16, 2013

Abbi's Recent Achievements

Abbi was given an award at school for responsibility.  While we are very proud of her good work I would like to note a funny thing.  That day, she came home from school without her planner, without her homework folder, and the award crumpled at the bottom of her bag.  Really, Abbi is a very responsible girl.  We thought that was a funny coincidence of her day.  The day after receiving her award, Abbi earned her orange belt in Karate.  She did really good at her belt test!  Karate has been a great tool to help her be confident in herself.  We like to see and hear her do just what she is learning.  And, for fun, I posted the picture of her getting her ears pierced.  Too bad I don't have the video of that for her to see when she's older :)