Thursday, December 05, 2013

My favorite Christmas book

I read this book every Christmas.  One good thing, is that my memory is poor so all the stories in the book are new to me every year.  A couple of years ago, I found it wasn't being printed anymore so I bought the clearance copies from all the Deseret Book and Seagull Books around.  Now, I'm down to only one copy again.  If you ever see a copy, grab it!  The poems and stories are wonderful.  It never fails to help me feel the special spirit of Christmas.

Hush, My Child

The heavens split wide, and choirs sang,
And wise men knelt, and church bells rang;
The shepherds watched in tender card,
And Mary gave birth to child there.
And angels sang hosannas clear
While peaceful lay the Christ child near;
Suffused in light's resplendent glow,
'Twas Mother Mary humming low.

The tune she hummed in tones so clear
That all inclined a listening ear:
Hush, my child, tonight you rest,
The world through you will soon be blessed;
So rest, sweet Jesus, sleep awhile,
And feel the warmth of Father's smile,
For holy art thou, of little one,
Only begotten King and Son.

{Vaughn J Featherstone}