Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Christmas Hymn

A Christmas Hymn

The Lamp of God, Most Holy, is loved this Christmas day,
And men and angels worship Him in what they do and say.
Women and children adore Him and sing carols to His name,
While the great and noble of the earth are shadowed in His fame.

This glorious Jesus blessed the sick, healed the deaf, the blind and lame,
And weary, heartsick, tired folks in pleading call His name.
For in His life they find the hope, that none but He can give.
His living love is charity; He taught us how to live.

What will we do who know His work and understand His care?
When will we watch with eager eyes, His gospel love to share?
Where will we find Him in our quest to gain eternal realms?
The infant babe, the Nazarene, the Christ of Heaven's realms.

{Vaughn J Featherstone}

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