Monday, May 06, 2013

Stepping Stone Award: Perseverance

Each month, students are nominated and recognized during an assembly for being an example of the character trait the school studied that month.  Abbi was nominated and given an award for perseverance!

Her teacher {Miss Pietsch} said, "Abigale perseveres by doing her best every day.  She works hard to set a great example for her peers.  Abigale stays focused and finishes her assignments on time.  She is eager to learn and always comes prepared.  Also, Abigale strives for excellence by learning from her mistakes.  It has been a pleasure to have Abigale in my class."

We are so proud of her!  It's fun {but extremely loud} to watch the school assemblies.  Grandpa Hansen came and gave Abbi a million bucks!  

The first picture is very blurry but it's Abbi running to the headmaster.  Last year, when she earned an award in an assembly, she was shy and embarrassed.  This time, she was proud to be up there!

Abbi has had a great school year!  She has changed so much by becoming confident in her school work and with friends.  We'll always be happy that she was able to transfer to the charter school!