Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dairy Farm Fieldtrip

I took the kids and my nieces and nephews to the dairy farm Uncle Quinn operates.  This time of year they have a lot of calves so Wendy and I hauled them up to Deweyville to help feed them.  Two of the babies were still on bottles and the kids loved holding such a big bottle.  I think they were surprised at how the calves acted {like puppies with too big of bodies}.  The rest of the calves drank milk from pans and a little bit of hay.  Quinn and Chet were so accommodating.  I love to hang out up there.  Chet also gave us a taste of the cheese he makes.  All of the kids LOVED it.  Then, we looked at the machines that milk the cows and how it is filtered and stored in a big tank.  There was a little kitten who followed us around the farm and the kids held onto it as much as it allowed.  It was really hard not to bring it home.