Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend was lots of fun! The kids and I went to City Creek and to eat at Little America before it closes down for six months.  The aunties met us there and we had a big dinner and dessert.  I love the Coffee Shop.
Noah chooses his own clothes these days.
Abbi and Noah at Little America with their dessert.
On Saturday, we took the kids for a surprise to meet Uncle Ross and Cousin Tom at Boondocks for dinner and games.  The kids loved it there.  It was like being in Las Vegas for kids ... no clocks, just swipe your card and play, etc.  We got a lot of tickets {mostly from Uncle Ross's skills at Ski-Ball} and the kids thought it was great to choose a prize.
Dance Dance Revolution with Tom Ballard

Punching Bag with Tom
Wish I had more pictures of Abbi but she was hard to keep up with.
Mother's Day was a beautiful day outside.  After church {and a nap}, Jake took us for a drive and we visited Grandma Hansen.  The kids gave me beautiful cards and a gift they had made at school or at primary.  This was my first year to get something from them so it was pretty great.  They were so excited to give me somethingI am so proud of their work and think there really aren't presents as good as those.
These are beautiful Joey curtains that Wendy made for me out of a shower curtain.  I love them so much!

 And, it's another beautiful day outside today.  It's Jake's and my second anniversary today.  Uncle Jeremy and Lilia took Noah and I for lunch to Uncle Jimmy's.  We were so glad to see Amber feeling good today.  I got to see Jake for a few minutes before he was off to work.  To celebrate our anniversary, I'm getting myself a big Oreo shake when the kids go to bed.  That'll be nice.


Georgia said...

Looks like you had a terrific weekend. Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary--time really DOES fly! I understand that you have moved--can you e-mail me your new address? ( Can't believe how much those two have grown--they make me smile to see and hear what they are doing. Stay happy--Georgia p.s. sure hope I can prove I'm NOT a ROBOT--sometimes I'm not sure what those words are. lol