Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Noah's Sidebar Sayings

I want to make sure these get into our blog book when it gets printed.... they are the silly things Noah says and that I post on the sidebar of the blog.  He's ridiculous.

Me: "Noah, put on your clothes."
Noah: "Why are you talking Spanish today, Mom?"

Me: "Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?"
Noah: "Yeah! I gotta take a dirty stink!"

Me (at FHE): "What is special to you about the Church?"
Noah: "the Hulk"

Noah: "I just ate a candy downstairs."
Me: "That's a bullion cube."

Me: "Church is over."
Noah (with his hands in the air): "Run for your lives!"
Me: "I thought I asked you to put on some pajamas."
Noah: (jumping on the bed) "What are ya going to do? Spank my butt?"
Me: "I'm thinking about it."
Noah: (still jumping) "Well, you'll get poop on you because there is poop on my butt!" (really he was clean)

Noah: "Mom, you gotta clean up my mess."
Me: "Why should I do it?"
Noah: "Because you want to."
Me: "Why would I want to?"
Noah: "Because you like to clean up my messes."

Noah: "You make me nuts."
Me: "Awesome. You still have to wear underwear."

Noah: "I-love-you-I-just-farted." (a one-word sentiment)

Noah: "Listen up, you old lady!"

Noah: (Sitting on the toilet on my birthday) "That's a birthday stink." After closer inspection he changed his mind... "And there's a Halloween one in there, too!"

Noah asked for everything we walked by at Target in January.
Me to Abbi: "I think Noah is going to be disappointed for Christmas."
Noah: (still looking at everything) "I hope I'm disappointed for Christmas!"

Noah: "Star Wars is the BEST movie ever, right Mom?!"

Noah: "Mom, I'm good and ready for you to take the garbage out."

Noah: {clapping in the middle of the night}
Me: "Why are you clapping?"
Noah: "Because I'm happy, of course."

Noah: {talking to himself in the bathroom} "Of course we'll throw poo at them!"
Me: "What?!?"
Noah: "I'm just being a monkey from Madagascar, Mom. Don't worry."

Noah: {watching a moist toilet paper commercial targeted at women} "Mom, do you want those for your birthday?"
Me: "No. I don't."
Noah: "But you would look so cute with them!"

Me: "If you could change your name to anything, what would you choose?"
Noah: {without missing a beat} "Spit. I want to be called Spit."


Kellie said...

LOL! Do you realize how many of these statements have to do with pooing or letting a stink?! I LOVE it, he certainly fits right in with this family. :)