Sunday, September 18, 2011

Because I love Halloween

I've already started decorating for Halloween and I taught Noah to say "boo!" to scare people or if you ask him what a ghost says.  Abbi's already changed her mind a dozen times about what costume she'd like to wear.  And I have read any Halloween magazine I've seen, I've pinterested my face off, and I created this spooky banner this weekend.  I only used paper and stuff I had at home.  In fact the ribbons I used are off of gifts or boxes I horded away.  The circles are layered cupcake papers.  I love that I had the rub on for the black edges.  I'm sure there are other things I could have used or done but what's done is done and this is most likely my best work.  Actually, I'm not a fan of the scary part of Halloween.  People wearing costumes honestly freaks me out.  Always has.  Always will.  But I do love the creative ideas for food and decor.  And I'm an October birthday girl so my mother says naturally, I love Halloween.


Alicia said...

Cute banner Joey!!! You are the best mom!

Katherine said...

I love the banner, super cute! I love Halloween too, but I'll leave it at that as we have already discussed this. Yay for fall!