Monday, September 05, 2011

Someone was an ox and it wasn't me.

We celebrated Jake's birthday at my mom's house last night.  Anne and my mom decided to buy Jake a cake for convenience and so I wouldn't "be a basket case" or whatever Anne called it.  On Sunday afternoon, I was craving some batter/cake so I decided to make one anyway.  I guess you could say my craving doubled as inspiration because look what happened to the store bought cake...

It was a great chocolate cake with Thor on it and everything.  But Anne didn't use two hands to carry it.  It was the fastest slow motion I have ever seen.  Don't worry everybody.  We all still forked every piece of the dead cake as we could.

So instead of Thor cake, Jake got Superman (girl) cake.  It's Supergirl because I couldn't turn the icing red.  I swear the box said it was red.


Kellie said...

Haha! That's funny. And the cake you made is cute. Red frosting is near impossible to make, I have bought mine when I needed it. I like the Supergirl thing though!! :)

Jimmy,Amber,Marlie,James and Jack said...

I'm still laughing about that. I think the cake you make turned out really good. I didn't try the cake but the frosting was yummy.

Jenny Hansen Lane said...

BEST QUOTE EVER: " I guess you could say my craving doubled as inspiration "

I wish my craving were inspired!

loved the superman cake