Friday, September 23, 2011

Puppy #3 and #4

Thor is the the black puppy.  He's kind of opposite of what you would expect from a big puppy named Thor.  He likes to hide under stuff, mostly.  Sometimes he likes to bite his sister.  I picked him.

Darla is the black and white puppy.  She's not as wussy as Thor and seems to have the edge on him where intelligence comes in.  Unfortunately, Jake picked her.

They are blue healer-labs.  We met the mom.  She was a nice dog.  The dad was from another yard over the fence but he looks like a nice black lab.

Wendy called me a dog ox and my mom called to tell me she thought I was smarter than this.  I guess I'm not.  Walter is living happily in California (with Mickey Mouse, according to Noah) and I wanted another puppy.  Kind of, I wanted 2 puppies.  Apparently.


Katherine said...

I knew it!!!!

Anne H said...

I thought you got rid of the dogs?

Ana said...

What happened to Walter???

Kellie said...

All I have to say is this: you're one patient & brave lady!! :)