Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friend Summer Reading: Week Two

Abbi and I did week two of the Friend's Summer Reading Program. This week we got to read a cartoon about answering softly instead of getting upset and about giving service. Abbi colored the picture that we turned into a necklace reminding us not to yell or be mean when we talk at home. We went to the zoo this morning and she liked it but she was just as excited to get home and see what the magazine would tell us to do today. This is a fun thing for us to do together! I'm so glad we have something to do, just for the two of us, that is also good for our home. Abbi could think of things she does at home to serve our family, like when she clears the table after dinner, and she thought of things to do while she is with her mom this weekend. I'm so grateful for the good resources the Church has for every age of person. I never guessed that when I read the Friend again after so many years that it would be the way for me and Abbi to play and learn together. Yeah for the Friend!