Sunday, June 19, 2011

North Fork

This weekend we went camping with Jimmy, Amber, and their kids. We have a new tent we were excited to try out! The first night was a little chilly, but the Hansen tent was freezing. Luckily, for night #2 we had an extra sleeping bag, quilt, and fleece blanket to loan them. It was like Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd had on 2 pairs of gloves the whole time that Harry froze. Too bad we didn't know during the night how cold they were. Night #2 was much warmer and it rained a little bit but the tent kept us nice and dry.

Dirt and rocks and sticks seem to be more exciting then the toys at home. The sling shot, moon sand, and BB gun were also quite popular. Everybody liked the hike up to the waterfall. It got a pretty steep in a couple places but the kids went all the way up and back down without any trouble (minus Noah). Jake carried Noah on his shoulders up and down the mountain. But Noah did love to walk on the path down to the pond and back. Jimmy gave us a free lesson on how to skip rocks. He got two rocks all the way to the other side, one even went up onto the dirt.

We had lots of fun and are excited to go again!


The Nelsons said...

WAY fun! We went "camping" in our backyard this weekend! Fun times, fun times.