Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Friend Summer Reading: Week One

Abbi and I found a fun thing to do in the Friend Magazine. There is an activity called The Friend Summer Reading Program. Every week, during June, July, and August there is a small group of maybe 3 things to do that are related to an article in the magazine each month. We are going to keep up with it every Friday this summer. Abbi loved it because this week we got to read out of the magazine, she got to play a game on the Friend's website (which is really cool, by the way), and then draw a picture of a person who serves or takes care of you. She drew a picture of her dad holding her when she was a little baby. I thought the game would be a little difficult for her because she had to fill in the blanks on all of the Articles of Faith but she did so well after listening to the hint (Primary songbook song) for each article. I loved doing this with her because she was enjoying it and the music made Abbi and Noah so happy. They sang and danced all afternoon. If you would care for a music recommendation, we are super loving the CD Popcorn Bopping, from Deseret Book. Noah talks about them even when the music is off. We love it!