Sunday, June 05, 2011

because I think I'm supposed to brag...

Last night, while Abbi, Noah and I had a mini-tsunami in the bathroom (tub time gets a little wild), Jake said he was going out to get me some dinner. I felt a little bad because I didn't ask him to do that and I wasn't really hungry and I felt a little worried because I wasn't sure what he was going to come back with. A little burger? A Subway sandwich that would have something scary like mayonnaise? Something from the convenient Lee's Fish and Rice? But what did I get? I got a really great husband, that's what. He brought me my favorite meal: a green salad covered in chicken and eggs, and cheese, and Italian dressing and hot Texas Roadhouse rolls. Best surprise meal ever! I think he thought it was pretty silly when I took a picture of a salad. But really, I like salad that much.