Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i started and finished something in one night

I love browsing through 3-4 blogs of super crafty women. I love their style and how DIY their projects are. There are a few significant problems with DIY projects though....
  1. I love too many of them.
  2. It makes me feel envy in my heart, and I think it's against some rule/commandment to envy thy neighbors horse or house or something. I don't remember it word for word.
  3. My mom totally grounded me from blog stalking when my wedding plans were mostly finished. I kept seeing so many cute ideas. But I seriously stand by the pennant flag banners we made. My mom really came through on that one :)
  4. I spend money on the supplies for the envied items.
  5. I seldom begin any of the aforementioned projects.
  6. And I rarely (and I'm not exaggerating the rarely part) finish any of these projects. Anything I have finished has required significant support, encouragement, and manual labor from this girl.
Back to the purpose for this post....I ran into this photo and free printable on this blog, which I began stalking today. She's got some super great ideas and she is also quite talented. Tonight, I had some free time while the kids were away so I printed the letters and away I went!

DISCLOSURE: THIS PHOTO IS NOT MY HOUSE! (this is a very beautiful house that belongs to a person I've never met)

My banner doesn't look nearly the same because it's not surrounded by perhaps the coolest living space I've seen in a while, but that's not the point. The point is....I finished! I started today and finished today! It's a Joey miracle!

This picture is actually my house. I don't have a fireplace so I hung it above the back door. I will say that mine is a little better because I put a few mini star jewels on it.