Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saddle Up...last day of vacation

Yesterday we walked to Market Square and I got one of the best souvenirs possible. Unfortunately, I don't have possession of it at this time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll see it again. Don't worry. The souvenir is not the cigar smoking statue.

Due to circumstances out of our control, our luggage is lost. At our connection in Denver we learned that our flight didn't exist anymore. The flight number and time was changed and we hadn't been informed. Luckily, a flight existed for us. We had a smooth flight to Salt Lake and made good time to the baggage carousel. As much as we like to travel, we do enjoy going home. After 30 minutes of staring at baggage going around and around we determined we were chumps and ours hadn't made it to Utah.

This morning we learned it did get to Denver with United Airlines but our connection put us onto a Delta plane. Delta never got our luggage from United. Fortunately, Delta has taken the responsibility to find and deliver it when the bags are discovered. I'm missing quite a few things but life could be worse. I'm lucky to be home and not really need the stuff in my bag.

Thanks again San Antonio, the Saint of the Lost and Forgotten. Our jokes are now biting us as you have now kept our luggage. You really know how to get even. Please accept our sincere apology and give us our stuff back.