Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Don't squat with your spurs on."

My sisters and I are in Texas, San Antonio to be exact. We're staying downtown on the River Walk in the Drury Plaza Hotel. I'm fixin' to say a lot about this trip seeing as how I started blogging while I'm still here.

We flew in on Friday afternoon. Luckily, we all made it on the same flight. My boarding was after my sisters and while I was stuck waiting the ticket ladies let a whole bunch of the wrong people on. Fortunately, Wendy took things into her own hands when she found a man sitting in my seat. He was as unhappy as a little cowpoke with out a pony.

We transferred planes in Denver. The bathroom there doubled as a hurricane shelter. And a horrible bidet if you didn't escape fast enough. The traveling was pleasant enough. There were festive ringtones to be heard, gummy bears and ring pops to eat, humming and singing by various strangers, and an addictive DS game to play.

The most memorable fellow flyer sat behind Anne and I on the second flight. He was a well of information on every topic. I'm not sure his seat mate ever said one word.

We're pretty certain he's the culprit of some questionable noises we heard while waiting to get off the plane. He pretty much sealed the deal because he ran straight towards the men's room. The picture means more to me than the man who f*r*e* on the plane. He was more than that. Don't judge him. And don't judge me for taking pictures of strangers. And "don't squat on your spurs" either.

Our individual travel goals are as follows:
Anne: Read a book
Joey: Play Nintendo DS
Wendy: Wrastle up some cowboys
We have only until tomorrow afternoon to accomplish these things.

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