Friday, January 29, 2010

The State of Me

In light of the season, I think it is in order for me to make an annual report of the state of my being. It goes as follows:

Dear family, friends, constituents, and unattached readers,

The purpose of my address is an annual review regarding my uneducated opinion about a variety of topics and my forecast for the upcoming months. I wish to garner the support of all "Paperless" readers. In my mind's eye I see a crowd around me who stand to applaud at all the appropriate moments. I also picture the few stubborn clappers who are listening (reading) only to pass time.

My report on the economy is optimistic. My feelings are that some people's economic problems may be self-inflicted. I send my regards and best wishes. I believe everyone has at least some control on their situations and we are not afflicted with life. The previous year has been good to me. My own economic situation could be improved with more dedication to organization. Financial goals for the upcoming year is to save and pay cash for an excellent vacation, pay off my student loan, never use my line of credit or visa, and reduce spending by practicing a more provident lifestyle.

Health care was an unfortunate piece of 2009. I had to get glasses only 3 years after having laser eye surgery. Fortunately, I planned in advance and didn't lose any of my flex account at the end of the year. Sometimes I forget about it and the balance disappears. For forecast for 2010 is to use my new insurance and get contacts. I will also send a bill to the house floor for a vote on buying a treadmill. The funds would have to come out of the vacation fund. Hardest decision ever....

I would like to announce a reform to my domestic affairs policy. I have debated whether or not to make this announcement but it surely is apart of "The State of Me." Last November I registered on an online dating site. A few events transpired and I deleted the account a few short weeks later. Last week, I registered again. I don't have strong opinions about anything so far except to
stand for virtue. (see link below) I may or may not say more about interweb dating in the future.

My opinions have not changed regarding global warming and education. Please see for review.

As far as international affairs, they rest on the vote of travel vs. treadmill. It travel wins, I'll be headed to Ireland in late October.

My diplomatic tools skills have probably decreased and change isn't likely. I don't wish to defend any of these policies. I can't explain myself any other time of the year, this isn't any exception.

J. L. Hansen

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