Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dinner at Home

In an effort to live more providently I have begun making dinner at home and eating it. I know it sounds simple but I can't remember the last time I ate dinner (especially a planned meal) 5 nights in a row. Let me paint you a picture...uhhhhhh... when I eat dinner it's either take out, cereal, or candy. Many nights, I don't eat dinner. Every night, I felt either a little sick and/or a little unhappy. Last Friday, I checked what I had in the cupboards, wrote a week meal plan, wrote a grocery list, bought only what was on the list, and now I'm living the dream.

Don't read into "living the dream." It's a pretty generous statement.

Here's how it has gone down so far:

Saturday: Eat out night
I did eat out with my sisters.

Sunday: Chicken Alfredo, Salad, and Brownie
Not my best cooking, I'm still a rookie.

Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad, French Bread
Chicken was better, even good.

Tuesday: Swedish Pancakes
Mom came and ate with me.

Wednesday: Chicken, Rice, and Salad
What a mess! Also, I don't want Uncle Ben's rice. I want white rice that comes with Chinese food.

Tomorrow: Homemade Pizza

The menu planning really led to big savings at the grocery store. Also, I went with mostly store brand products or not as prepared food. Cooking has taken more effort than I actually have the ability to give. Apparently, cooking is a skill girls are supposed to pick up before they're 26. Now is as good as time as ever, right?

This whole "dinner" thing would be easier if so much food wasn't so gross. I'm working on that too.


Kellie said...

Congrats Joey! I'm proud of you. It is hard to cook night after night. And I'm also pretty picky in the food department but I'm branching out. My mom should be so proud. LOL!! You keep posting your menus and I'll follow them a week behind!! :)

Katherine said...

You should seriously consider getting a rice cooker! It's so easy, and it makes rice perfectly every time!

I'm impressed with your dedication to cooking. I need to find that again. But cereal for dinner is just so easy...

Wendy H. said...

You should ask Jonesie all her chicken cooking tips. She told me a great way to make juicy chicken.

Folkman's said...

Hey Joey,
I need your email to put on my family blog I just started so you will be able to look at it! I made it private.