Sunday, May 10, 2009

suprisingly, i didn't dislike Wendover

Anne and I went to see the Trace Adkins concert in Wendover last Friday. To keep ourselves from making the scenic drive home in the dark, we decided to spend the night. I wasn't sure I would be interested in anything more than the concert. I was wrong. other items I was interested in: - the 430% return I got from Anne's pennies in the penny slots - the amount of snacks we took with us - the tree sculpture that comes out of no where - the Trace Adkins concert!!! - the size of the concert hall - the free drinks brought straight to your face so there is no distractions from gambling - the 200% return on a game I've never played before - the free dinner - that no one knew I wore the same clothes in the morning (I wasn't going to smell up anymore of my clothes) - singing in the car - the company (Anne. Not the fellow Wendoverans.) - the free drinks - the dealers were slightly interesting - the age of the women who were trying to get a piece of Trace - the bald man who also ran for Trace. Actually, I was there only for the concert. Everything else was a suprising bonus.