Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHARI!!!!!! I NEED YOU!!!!

I would like to both celebrate and commemorate your recent university graduation. More specifically, I would like for you to recreate this dish. Even more, I would like you to teach me to recreate this dish. You've heard the saying, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." You've heard that, right? I need you to feed me this very specific dish for my whole lifetime. I know you can do it. Remember the Oreo cheesecake I had in Chicago and then the next morning there was a ginormous and more delicious Oreo cheesecake in the fridge? I need that to happen again.... macaroni style.

1. We'll start by eating this dish together. Yes, together.
B. I'll give you a little time to decide how to duplicate it.
3. We'll create this dish together. Yes, together again.
4. We'll ask for everyone to show some respect and ignore how often I do or could eat this.
E. We'll ask for everyone to encourage me to eat it more often. ie: Joey calls. She says, "I just can't think of what to eat." Or she says, "I'm soooo hungry!" On the other end of the line she hears, "I think you should eat your special chicken and macaroni."

I know you've got these skills, Shari. If anyone can do this for me, it's you. Please call me to determine the date and time of these proceedings. Thank you.

Love your most loyal fan of your hockey and cooking (even if I don't eat much of it),



S said...

Remember that time when you took one bite of a salad, twisted your face up in disgust, and then spit it out almost a full three seconds later? I'm going to assume, since you are asking me to do this, that your taste buds aren't on strike as often? Where exactly will we try this dish?

Anonymous said...

that was not salad! that was a bitter piece of crap lettuce.

this dish is featured at Noodles and Company. it's the wisconsin mac & cheese with seared chicken.

is that how you spell seared?