Wednesday, May 20, 2009

San Diego - Part II

the peacock

When we (the sisters and me) got to the zoo we had to eat right away! I'm not sure how long we went without eating but it was too long. Straightaway, we went to the local zoo cafe for lunch. There were no lids or straws available. Apparently, those are weapons to be used against defenseless, wild animals. Within 20 minutes of our admission to the San Diego Zoo, we had been told 36 times about things we could not do due to the safety of the animals. Are you kidding me? I can't have a lid?

Anyway, we sat down to eat our lunch. It was amusing to watch what went on around us. In fact, this one peacock approached us from the roof of a nearby shelter. It walked through the outdoor dining area. Funny, right? Yes. Indeed, it was. It was funny until this peacock tried to coerce us into giving him our lunch! Who does he think he is? I can't have anything to make my visit more comfortable and convenient but I can be bullied by some peacock!?!

We didn't cave. We each retained possession of our own meals. It was touch and go for a minute or two because that bird was intimidating. The real question is: how many people have lost the battle of wits with that peacock?

p.s. during the 2-decker bus tour someone spilled their coke all over my leg. the zoo maintains their opinion that lids are only an unsafe, unnecessary luxury. my sticky leg does not agree.


Wendy H. said...

I like the highlights that you've picked out so far. I'm interested to see if you have any more. As Mom would say, your description of the peacock is accurate and true.