Friday, April 11, 2008

An Unexpected Visitor

On my arrival home, late last night, I found a most unexpected new friend in my flower bed. Who is he, you ask? I don't know. What the crap? My mind raced with quesions, similar to the questions now swirling in your own mind.
1. Is he here by mistake? Misdirected? An error of judgment?
2. Why did Kayli buy this?
3. Did Jon leave it for Kayli? (He's more of a flower kind of guy)
4. Is it for me?
5. Was it Katherine?
6. Do I have a secret admirerer? (please, let it be this one)
7. Is it dead? (asked by the little girl next door)
8. How do you start asking around for clues of the flamingo sender?
9. Will there be a note somewhere?
Please, be at ease. After 27 full minutes of confusion and anxiety, the mystery was solved. The sender made him/herself known. Now....we've just gotta think of a name for our new pink friend.


Wendy H. said...

Who was it? I'm going to guess it was Mom.

Katherine said...

How about Phloid?

Alicia said...

I think it was your uncle Jack.

Matt said...

Joey, I think your just a magnet to the paranormal. I am going with Blaine on this one. Oh you should look at my blog. I STARTED ONE!

Jennie Freakin' Wilder said...

You should name it nolan. I really would like to know who sent it to you though. I'm guessing they recently had a yard sale or they went to one. They saw it and thought of you. what an honor!