Monday, August 07, 2017

Noah's #8 Birthday

 Noah turned eight years old and was super excited to celebrate! He chose a confetti cake with strawberry frosting and cookies and cream ice cream to share with all the family. He really looked forward to this birthday because he knew that this was probably the year he would get his first BB gun and pocket knife. And, he did!

Noah wants to be baptized but wants to wait until we live in our new house and new ward so it won't be until October. He has already thought about what he wants to eat after the baptism though. Pork butt.

I can never really believe how big or old Noah gets. He was a big boy baby when I got him as a one year old so as he grows it's a physical sign of how I've grown into motherhood. Being with him and Abbi as they've grown has been the highlight of happiness in my life and the most challenging blessing I've been given.