Friday, August 04, 2017

Fruitland House

This year we decided to sell our Fruitland house to move to a flat, quieter road. We'll miss the old girl but she kept us constantly busy with maintenance and cleaning. There wasn't time to do the projects we wanted to because there were plenty of repairs and projects that had to be done first. And that's all just for the inside. The yard was it's own beast that couldn't be tamed without a crew of gardeners.

I loved the great room that the kids named the dancing room or Bear Lake room. I loved how a big Christmas tree looked in the window. I loved the chalkboard mantle in the living room. I loved the view in the back yard of the mountains in all the seasons and weather. I loved to see the deer come into the yard and snack on our apple trees. I loved all the storage spaces and my office. I loved watching the dogs run, play, or lay in the sun in the back yard. I loved watching the kids climb the hill or stand on the big rocks while they imagined different adventures. I loved hearing them race around the house up and down the two sets of stairs, especially during Nerf gun fights with Jake. I loved watching the cats sit in their window every morning to watch the birds. I loved sitting in the barn while Jake worked on all kinds of projects, amazed at what he could create.

The Fruitland house was perfect for us during the season of our life we were there. It worked perfect for our adventures and needs. We recognized that after four years, our season there ended and it was time to settle into a home where we could use the yard, ride bikes in the street, and have more time to spend together that wasn't just cleaning and projects. Moving is a great adventure. Any house can be our home and adventures open us up to personal growth, new opportunities and experiences, and lots of new people.

Thank you Fruitland house for being our home. We love you!