Friday, August 04, 2017

Bear Lake 2017

Girls day out for Raspberry Days, shopping, and shakes!

Elizabeth, Abbi, and Marlie got tattoos to surprise their dads!

Mom and I tried to do the hardest puzzle ever. We put it away and worked on it after we got home.

Cousins decorated their buckets for their Secret Cousin prizes.

Henrik loves to play play dough.

These three were always together doing mystery wildness.

These three went on a long walk down to get their own shakes.

Aunt Tiffani showed the kids how to make slime.

Wendy and I didn't play nearly enough Skip-Bo.

It turns out that our children are dare devils on the boat. They told Uncle Jimmy to go faster and faster. He even let them both have a turn to drive the boat!

We finally rented a water trampoline after thinking and watching them for years. It turns out that it is terribly difficult to climb on and takes up most of your rental time.

Abbi and Marlie pooped out. 

Grandpa fell asleep with Henrik's "babies."

The kids made me do another mystery dinner. I did it once a few years ago and now I have to do it every year. This one was very ill-planned but I did like how they had to put their choices on a paper sack that I could just fill up with what they ordered.