Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pinners' Conference

Wendy and I had so much fun at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake.  The booths were great and interactive and the classes were really fun!  I am excited to do this again next year.  I would recommend doing all of your booth stuff on the first day because it's so crowded on Saturday.  Additionally, I would recommend pre-registering for the classes because they got really full the second day.  Here's the "pin"spiration I found.

See how happy she is to be there?

Small warming pots for fondue or chocolate!
I think words over-decorate a lot of homes but if I were going to use words, I like this style.  The stencil thing was my souvenir.  It's so cool!  Want to hang out and try it sometime?

Bad picture but good idea for storing baker's twine and sparkle!
The quilts were really awesome but I color-love this one.