Friday, October 11, 2013

30 to 30

 ....the final countdown...

So far, I haven't seen 30 or 30's do anything bad to the people I like.  In fact, that decade seems friendly and even productive.  Sure, I've seen a few people hit some rough patches but I've also seen them have some really great experiences and blessings, too.  Rather than look at the green grass on the other side of the fence, I'm going to make sure my 30's are well fed and watered so I can have some green grass.  I've brainstormed the following ways to water my 30's.

  • Let's start with the chemicals - I'm going to take my medicine :)
  • I'm going to continue focusing on my family because we create some really great memories together
  • I'm going to water my spirit by feasting on the words of the prophets and apostles
  • Reaching out to a professional gardner, I'm going to pray on my own and continue to teach my children to pray
  • To add a little sunshine, I'm going to do fun things when I have the opportunity
  • I'm going to use my green grass to make others happy and share what I've got
  • If my grass gets dry or brown, I'm going to work on my own instead of compare it to what I can see over the fence
Now, I've got to remember this for the next ten years.