Wednesday, October 02, 2013

30 to 30

 ....the final countdown...

advice to other "aging" women {post idea from jake - he meant younger women}

  •  be happy with where you are now
  • avoid debt but have some fun with your savings
  • be happy with WHO you are now
  • spend lots of time in the temple
  • talk more about feelings
  • go to college and finish as fast as possible
  • dare tell people how much you care
  • get your hair done and a massage when you feel like it
  • don't let the same thing {or person} burn you twice
  • seriously, learn to cook, clean, budget, and get up in the morning
  • poop or get off the pot {speaking of never-going-anywhere relationships}
  • appreciate the ornaments you can still hang on the bottom of your Christmas tree
  • get a cat
  • go out when you get a chance {on most dates and with new friends}, most people deserve at least one chance
  • start a family tradition
  • face your insecurities and fears {except red meat}
  • be healthy but not a nut
  • go to your grandparents' homes more often
  • have fun, be funny, be around funny people
  • love the things you have time for - politics, Relief Society, temple, family, fun, travel, etc.