Thursday, April 04, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

Name the trees that stood in the neighborhood where you grew up.

Maybe those of you know them could tell me if you ever named these trees.

From my porch, the tree on the right: Sheldon
From my porch, the tree on the left: Mister

Robinson's front tree: Sheila
Robinson's back tree: Misses

Jones's front tree: Jones

The jungle next door: the Jungle

The pink blossom trees in front of Stephens's and Thompson's: the Girls

Our front trees were cut down on my dad's birthday in 2001.  This severed forever the relationship between Mister and Misses.  Even in her grief, Misses lived on.  Eventually, even she was lost.  But, she's not forgotten.  Her stump, apparently, sprouts life once in a while.  Mister and Misses lived long, happy lives together.  Under 1025 West, they held hands {read roots}.  Now they live in tree heaven together.