Tuesday, April 02, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

Tell a story that begins with a ransom note.

"ThEy'Re MiNe!  tHe GrAbBeR, BeLt, AnD nOw I'vE gOt RuFfY, tOo!  ThEy'Re aLL sAfeLy HiDdEn AwAy.  YoU mAy FiNd ThEm BuT yOu'LL nEvEr ReAcH tHeM. bELt HaS tRieD tO eScaPE bUt I'vE gOt HiM tiEd Up nOW. IF yOu EvEr WaNt ThEm iN yOuR hOt LitTLe HaNdS aGaiN tHeN yOu BeTTeR foLLoW mY inSTRucTiONs ExAcTLy.

1) LiStEn tO yOUr MoThEr
2)  nO NaUghtiEs uSinG tOyS as ToOLs

IF yOu CaN dO tHiS fOr ONE DAY, yOu'Re 3 SpEciALs WiLL bE rEtuRned tO yOu UnHaRmEd.  GoOd LuCk."

He lost his grabber first.  He used it to slam his cousin's brand new laptop shut.  The next day, after the grabber had been surrendered, he used Belt {a long-armed monkey} to hit Daisy.  Before either were back in his possession, he left his dirty pj's and underwear on the floor, laying next to Ruffy.

This is my kunundrum.  If Noah gives up his toys with no fight, doesn't beg to get them back, and continues with naugtiness, I've obviously chosen an inefficient technique for teaching.  I guess until I find something more effective, I'll cuddle with a monkey and a dog and grab stuff at my leisure.