Wednesday, April 10, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

Something you found

We slept and listened to the rain all night.  We were prepared to make the six hour drive home in the morning without my glasses.  On our way out of the campground, after my dad had prayed, we stopped at the river near the place I had played the day before.  The rain had stopped but the river was much higher and had even flooded the banks in a few places.  Following my dad's specific instructions, I walked into the river an exact number of steps.  Then, I stepped to the side exactly as my dad instructed.  Standing in the river, my dad told me to reach down by my feet.  I did.  And, I pulled out my glasses!  Only a few scratches, they were all in one piece.  It was our Virgin River Miracle.

Part 1: Something you lost


Wendy H. said...

I've always really liked that story. It's not even a story. I was there. It really happened.