Sunday, September 23, 2012

this is me

this is me

Journal Jar - Birthday

Q:  Do you remember a special birthday party you've had, given or attended?

A:  I've had a lot of great birthdays.  My parents always gave me a special day when I was young.  When I was in elementary school, my dad would pick me up from school and take me out to lunch.  After school, my mom would take me to pick out a birthday cake.  On your birthday, you automatically got the front seat without having to battle for it.  And then, the Folkmans and Jones' and my grandparents would come over for cake and ice cream.  Since then, my most memorable was in New Jersey when strangers gathered to give me a surprise party at Applebee's.  I met most of them for the first time that day.

Q:  Describe favorite birthday present.

A:  Am I horrible?  I can't remember a lot of them.  I got some dolls I loved when I was young.  Probably my favorite is the Tiffany's ring Anne bought me for my 23rd birthday.  I was just out of college and I've worn it everyday since.

Q:  If you could have your favorite dinner for your birthday, what would it be?

A:  I have enjoyed lots of birthday dinners out ... El Matador, Tony's, Macaroni Grill, Noodles and Co., Spaetzle, etc.  I don't really care what is for dinner, I just like to have company.

Q:  Tell about family traditions: Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings.

A:  Christmas - Christmas Eve Party, Tea Party, happiness in general; birthdays - cake and ice cream; graduations - nothing specific but we're always proud of whoever did it; Fourth of July - sunrise ceremony, parade, park, resting and fun, BBQ, fireworks; Halloween - when I was young we traveled to a few homes to visit and raked in a lot more than traditional trick or treating; Thanksgiving - Weber River Trail walk, appetizers, a great dinner, and a pile of pies; Weddings - celebrations, in our family they only come every seven years so it's hard to say it's a uniform type celebration.

Q:  Tell about anniversaries, celebrations, trips, and gifts that you remember.

A:  I've had one anniversary so far and I got my best little pup, Daisy.  Jake got a tent.  We celebrate whatever we can, whenever we can.  By we, I mean me and whoever I can get to join my crazy train.  The best trips I've had are my honeymoon, the Caribbean cruise, Bear Lake, New York, and San Antonio.

Q:  What was the best birthday you ever had? Why?

A:  I don't have a favorite.  I love birthdays, mine or anyone else's as long as we get to celebrate.