Sunday, September 02, 2012

this is me

this is me

what I learned while I learned to play the piano

i learned that even with an imperfect teacher, a student can still learn (flashbacks to the Canadian's trailer)

i learned that a desire to learn is worth as much as practice (lucky for me, i could trick teachers into thinking i practiced)

i learned that you can help yourself when you don't have any help

i learned that church music is easier to learn

i learned that being willing to play gives you opportunities to learn and grow

i learned that there are people who help you by pushing you

i learned that sometimes people who know more, and share it, are selfless

i learned to love people and participate in activities that i never would have without music (ward choir)

i learned that music can express any emotion you feel, with excites or calms a soul (sad, happy, energy, lonely)

i learned that throwing my music only meant i would have to pick it up and try again (and if i didn't, i would find it smoothed out on the piano, next to a treat from Sister Lewis)

While I am not a concert musician, and have other shortcomings, being able to play the piano has been a blessing in my life for a long time.  Even when I could is play only the right-hand in young womens, I liked it and was learning.  There is nothing that could have replaced the love and help Sister Lewis gave me while I was a teenager.  She was patient and long-suffering while she molded me.  I spent a lot of time in her home with her and Brother Lewis.  They showed me so much kindness and treated me like one of their many grandchildren.  Sister Lewis taught me a lot more than music, but about the gospel, about life, about being a lady, etc.  I will remember her and Brother Lewis's service and love for others forever and ever.