Wednesday, July 13, 2011

why are there dinosaurs at the zoo?

A. Three smiling Hansen boys in one picture is a rare photographic miracle.
2. I'm not really comfortable commenting on the merry-go-round pictures as I am not certain on the species of animal each child was riding on.
3. I think I can give a very fair recommendation for parking at the back gate of the zoo. Especially because all nine of us got in with the season pass Jake and I got for our wedding. I'm pretty sure that was a wedding/zoo miracle.
D. Just because the Hogle Zoo isn't a complete zoo, as half of it is under-construction, doesn't mean they should throw robotic dinosaurs around every corner. Especially the one that spits water. It pretty much ruins the zoo experience for Noah.


Jimmy,Amber,Marlie,James and Jack said...

That back gate did work out great for us. I never been so glad that it was crowded. Thanks for going with us we had a great time.