Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We were lucky this time.

Once in a while, we like to tease Abbi about how it's time for her to take a turn to change Noah's diaper. She usually gets a little mad and says she can't do anything like that until she's 16. Well, we went camping. We were lounging around the campfire when Noah announced he had a "bad bum." Abbi said she wanted to take care of it. I let her help me and was telling her what order to do things in. For example, we don't open and pull off the diaper before we are armed with the wipes.

Flash forward to last night. Noah was wearing his new baby leash, which he LOVES, and was making Abbi walk him. Jake and I sent the kids upstairs to start finding their pajamas while we finished cleaning up dinner. A couple minutes later, Abbi came down the stairs and yelled, "I changed Noah's diaper!" She was so excited. It took a second to register what she said and then all the sudden she appeared again and handed me a heavy wet diaper. I feel so lucky it was only wet.

I was scared. Jake was scared. I gathered my courage and went upstairs to see what was happening.

Abbi did a good job for her first, unsupervised try. She really wanted to be a good helper because this week our goal is to earn a little money to donate to the temple fund. We paid her a little extra because she was really proactive with this task.


Katherine said...

I like this story. Gus thinks he can change his own stinky diapers. Yikes.

Joey Tracy said...

My nephew really got into changing his own stinky diapers. I'm so sorry if Gus thinks that's a good activity.