Saturday, July 16, 2011

Retraction...kind of

If you have formed any opinions about how Jake and I joke that Jake is as helpful around the house as Dobby the House Elf, I want you to replace and/or balance those opinions with him acting like Creature. Creature is a naughty/mischievous House Elf.

Remember how I said it's my week to do the laundry....

Yesterday, I worked my butt off (nearly) to the bone doing laundry. When I was putting it away, I walked past our bedroom and did a double take. Why would Jake put on a polo shirt at this time of night? And why is he putting on socks? I went in to examine the situation...

Jake had on 3 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, and was still working on socks. He had on 4 pairs, so far. Then he went in the closet and brought out my 2 stacks of pants and said he thought they could use another go around so he was going to put them in the hamper. Jake said he was about to put on his suit, too. I stalled that project so instead he got out 3 D.I. shirts, 1 t-shirt, 1 sweater, and 2 of my pants. Then Jake said they were all dirty and everything was going to have to go in the laundry pile.

He was causing as much trouble as Creature. I decided to laugh instead of cry.

p.s. today while I was at work, Jake finished the laundry, changed the sheets on all the bed, emptied the garbages, and did the dishes