Sunday, April 25, 2010

moving day

I knew the construction of my parents' home was officially over when the truck hauled off the builder's outdoor toilet.  Right on schedule, and after 6 months of living in Grandma's basement, Mom and Dad moved into their new home in Riverdale.

My parents and I started moving things on Friday morning.  I took a car load of some of my parents' personal effects. Let me mention that I was unsupervised during this time.  The aforementioned "effects" included a basket of my dad's underwear. He really loves his underwear. In my mind, I imagined him and I playing a great game of hot and cold. In reality, he called me late that night and we had a fun guessing game.

There were no groceries at the new house so Dad grabbed a few essentials from food storage. Essentials like: mustard, steak sauce, tuna, Lima beans, spinach, etc. The refrigerator was also stocked with must haves: soda, milk, juice, a lime, and frozen breakfast food.

Grandma isn't going to live there but she worked circles around the rest of us. Either she really wants them moved out of her basement or she just has a lot of soul....even though she isn't a soldier.  I bet she is worn out today because she was there on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday working so hard!

There are two neat drawers in the kitchen with windows. Tiffani and I were responsible for them. Tiffani's drawer is for bread and crackers so she filled it with pasta and legumes. Mine was the treat drawer, of course. I can see Anne or I breaking into it if the drawer isn't maintained properly.

Really, Mom and Dad built a very nice home.  It's just what they wanted and they deserve the best.  I hope they have decades of good years there with lots of memorable memories. 


mGordon said...


Tell your parents I said congratulations! That is so exciting for them! They way deserve to have a new home! I am glad to see they are doing well!


Katherine said...

I love that the treat drawer is close to the ground so all the kiddos can have access to it.