Sunday, April 04, 2010

"bored people are boring"

Responding to the challenge of my Sister the Elder I have posted my never-ending to-do list for all to see.  I have added to and carried this list around for at least a year.  To toot my own horn, yes toot, I would like to mention that there were 13 things that I accomplished before sharing this list with you fine blog-stalker friends. 

Many of my aspirations do keep me at home.  I'm okay with that.  Sometimes I want to just stay home. 

Hopefully, I'll knock a bunch of stuff off this list and I'll be able to add a load of things on.  I like lists.  My spontaneity gets me in to ridiculous situations that are not always easy or convenient to correct.

So anyway....


Katherine said...

1. I love that I am mentioned by name on your list.

2. My Christmas lights are still up a well... Wanna help a sister out?

3. Read your appliance manuals? Really?

Wendy H. said...

Melanie said...

First of all, it took me awhile to even figure out where your list was. I'm not blaming you, I'm just saying, if you write a blog post saying you've posted your "To Do" list, shouldn't said list be included in that post. Ok, my personal word search skills aside, here are my thoughts:

1. Maybe I was expecting more of a bucket list, but somehow I don't think adventures like delivering a Wii game, getting rid of boxes in your garage, cleaning the inside of your car, and keeping a chair free of debris really qualify as things to make a person less boring.

Which brings me to thought #2:
I disagree with the statement that "bored people are boring." I think busy people can be boring and bored people can be quite entertaining at times. Take for example a group of girls standing in line at Disneyland. Were they bored? Yes. Were they boring? No!

Ok, so I don't mean to sound harsh, and I'm quite certain that you do everything you do with flair so as to make it less boring. Still, these are my thoughts. You've also made me think about what I would put on my list. Laundry? Grocery shopping? I'll let you know.