Friday, November 13, 2009

2009...change was in the air

1. i sold my first home and moved into number 2.

2. the halloween decor came down and the thanksgiving stuff went up.

3. i made my dad pay for my stress the other night. that's not new. and it's not new that he took it so well.
4. i left the ward i've attended for 3.5 years to be the new girl in my local family ward.
5. the development process at d.i. has changed.

6. i chopped my hair and made it dark. and i'll do it again too.
7. my blog will be getting a face lift
8. i turned 26. i've never been so old.
9. i got glasses

10. wendy and anne got a dog. hurley george garcia.

11. i got in my first accident this year. i went to court (that's not new). on my way home from court i got pulled over. i didn't go to court again.
12. netflix is a convenience worth paying for.

13. i visited wendover for the first may not have been the last.


Lindsay Phenes said...

I'm so embarrassed I didn't say anything...but I thought to myself numerous times at Tiff's shower how DARLING I thought you looked. Your hair is GORGEOUS, your glasses look great on you and I love your clothes. I'd thought you'd had glasses for awhile...guess I was mistaken! OOPS - guess it means we need to hang out more!
You have been quite the changing girl this year. Change frightens me sometimes haha! Again, it was so good to see you the other night, you cute lil hostess, you!

Amber said...

That is a lot of changes. The good thing is they were all good.