Tuesday, November 17, 2009

home sick

Not to be confused with being homesick, I am at home....sick.

This is pretty much the most boring thing I've ever endured, which is saying a lot because... Well, it's saying a lot.

To keep myself entertained I have watched the follwing:
1. Pride and Prejudice x 2
2. The Notebook - awful
3. Message in a Bottle - not very good acting
4. Sabrina
5. What Lies Beneath
6. Mrs. Winterbourne - Ricky Lake?
7. 2 episodes of Jon and Kate
8. Too many episodes to count of the Nanny
9. Dan in Real Life
10. the Cosby show
11. etc...

I started writing notes of what people should know upon my death. My bucket list of what includes things like petting a penguin, reading every book in my house, acquiring an art skill, and holding a monkey.

I played 105 games of Solitaire on the computer. I've won one round making my winning statistic 0%. I've played Cake Mania on nintendo DS. I'm better at that game than Solitaire, so far my sales are profitable.

My fever has stayed pretty consistant but something new today is I've lost the color in my face and my legs turned into jello. To medicate myself I've been drinking lots of water, taking ibuprofen, and last night I took 2, count them 2, tylenol pm's. After the tylenol I lasted about 3 minutes then I was asleep for 12 hours.

All in all this is fabulous. I'm at home bored out of my mind while my work piles up on my desk. I'm never behind on my work, until now. I'd like to thank, in an unblaming way, all of my co-workers who came to work with fevers, body aches, and awful colds. I couldn't be less bitter.

To end on a positive note, my mom and dad have been very helpful. They've delivered my exact requests of a thermometer, a banana, a cream soda, and chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. They've even done it in more than one trip. Today my dad has put himself on retainer to deliver whatever else I think of.

I guess being home sick could be worse.

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S said...

Joey! I am so sad that you are sick! should I make you something to cheer you up? chocolate chip pancakes? chocolate cake? a chocolate fever? I'd offer to make soup, but would you eat it? I'll make it! just let me know what flavor! hope you get well soon joey!

Morgan Greaves said...

Get feeling better missy! We are neighbors so give me a call if you need anything!!!

Anne H said...

With all that time you could only crack out one new post?

I was thinking about getting the room breakfast but with taxes, delivery fee and gratuity it came to $29.04, when I added up the approx. cost of the breakfast it was $3.54 (and that might be a stretch). I decided the $8.00 gummy bears can hold me over one more morning.

Katherine said...

I like the new layout. I'm sorry you are sick. I hope to see you soon.

Alicia said...

Oh Joey...I am sorry that you are sick but you are going to he#@ for ripping on the Notebook.

J.lee Hansen said...

I AM SO HAPPY you thought the notebook was awful.. i couldnt finish it.