Friday, March 13, 2015

Abbi Lost 6 Teeth

A couple of years ago, Abbi had four teeth pulled to help make space and reduce the crowding in her mouth.  We've been working with an orthodontist who we really like and trust.  After a couple of years of letting her mouth do it's thing, he recommended either having a few more teeth removed or starting orthodontics, which Abbi would have to do for at least the next six years.  Neither choice is fun, but one saved a lot of time and money and would let Abbi's mouth keep doing good growing on it's own.  So, another four teeth were coming out.  During the procedure, a couple of her last baby teeth decided to pop out, too.  The Tooth Fairy had to pay big that night.  Six teeth equals $12.00.

Abbi did really good before, during, and after the procedure.  She never got overly nervous and made a plan for what movies and frozen treats she would want while she recovered.  We really didn't like to watch the anestheologist put her to sleep but everything worked just right.  Dad carried her to the car and all the way up to the great room where she had prepared a little recovery nest.  Dad and Mom laughed and laughed at the funny things she said and did while she was waking up.  She was hilarious!

When the anesthesia really wore off, Abbi was ready to get up and running.  Other than a little bit of a sore jaw, her recovery was easy and quick!  She did so great!


Dad took such good care of his baby girl.
She was so funny during this stage of waking up!

While she was waking up, Abbi said she needed to draw something.  We loved her T-Rex.