Saturday, February 28, 2015

Baymax (aka: Bad Guy)

I took Abbi to get some new clothes.  Her and Noah are skipping sizes and growing like crazy.   While we were out, we saw an adoption size at Petco.  We decided to go see and pet the animals.  Just like most of our pets, we ended up with another unplanned addition to our family.  Abbi was in love with the kittens and wanted to use her own money to adopt one of them.  I tried to get Jake to veto over the phone, but he just hung up on me.  So, there we went, with her new kitten.

As we drove home, I was thinking about Abbi, how she has changed and all of her wonderful qualities.  I was overwhelmed with my love for her.  She had been, and usually always is, so kind and unselfish that day.  While we shopped, I showed her a few different outfits but she was sure she had already picked enough things and didn't need anymore.  Even when I offered to show her some other stores, she said that she had gotten what we came for.

That is, until we met the kittens.  She was still kind and careful then, too, but it was fun to see her get so excited.  She's never begged for anything.  Abbi was sure she could show us how responsible she is and that she would pay for him and always take care of him.

I love this girl so much that I don't regret having the naughtiest kitten in all the world.  She loves him.  My favorite part is listening to her "discipline" him.  She tries to reason with him over and over until she gives up and blows in his face.  He thinks it's a game.

She almost chose this guy but he didn't look as playful as his brother.  

Abbi paid $100 to adopt Baymax.  Adoption cost $75 (to include his neutering) and $25 on a few supplies.

He's incredibly naughty.  All the time.

He especially loves throwing jigsaw puzzles on the ground.